The full day of our #Nexus16 is now available to watch online.  The conference was based in Sydney and live streamed to locations around the country.

Moore College Lecturer Lionel Windsor gives a biblical theology of Exile.  Ministers Chris Braga and Phil Colgan go deep into the hot spots of Genesis 23 and Jeremiah 27.  Dominic Steele enjoys an extended conversation with Phillip Jensen.  There’s a poignant testimony online from Bishop Ivan Lee about his Pancreatic Cancer.  Three practitioners discuss their life and ministry in Exile. Finally new Sydney Dean Kanishka Raffel on how it all lands in practice. 

To watch the replay of the #Nexus16 conference

Video One:


  • Backstage interviews with Tony Payne, Carl Matthei, David Ould, Spirro Cassis, Rowena Fan, Baden Stace, Gary Koo, Peter Jensen. 
  • 1:01:00 Platform Presentation from Lionel Windsor [Part One of Lionel's Presentation] [A biblical theology of Exile]

Video Two: 


  • 00:00:00 Part two of Platform Presentation from Lionel Windsor [A biblical theology of Exile: Longing for a better country]
  • Backstage interviews with
    • 00:38:00 David Ould
    • 00:43:10 Ben George & Liz George - Mission & Using the Introducing God Course 
    • 00:45:15 Lionel Windsor (Questions flowing from his talk, Moore College Missions, the mission to Jambaroo)
    • 00:51:50 Lauren Carmichael (MTS trainee on her experience doing a Gap Year) 
    • 00:54:40 Luther Symons, Year 13 Director
  • 1:05:00 Platform Presentation from Chris Braga [Longing for a better country | Genesis 23]
  • 1:33:00 Platform Presentation from Phil Colgan, [Jeremiah 29]
  • Backstage interviews with
    • 02:09:00 David Ould, Twitter update/Questions in so far about Chris Braga and Phil Colgan's talk
    • 02:11:00 Micheal Kellahan, Director Freedom for Faith
    • 02:12:00 Caitlin Hurley, ministry to Green Square & Gafcon Ministry (another conference coming up)
    • 02:15:00 Kitty Chan, Second year out of Theological College, AFES Ministry Cumberland
    • Dani Treweeck, 
    • 02:18:00 The Church Doctor Peter Mayrick on Effective Ministry Under God
    • 02:19:00 Toby Neal,
    • 02:23:00 Chris Braga answering questions arising from his talk
    • 02:29:00 Dani Treweek on Singleness, Same Sex Attraction ( and Divorce
    • 02:37:00 Phil Colgan and David Ould answering Twitter questions 
    • 02:39:00 Jessica Anderson on Mission and Introducing God
    • 02:41:00 Tim Cox on Muslim Evangelism in Auburn, Sydney; Halal meat at Evangelistic BBQ 
    • 02:47:00 Allan Starr pastoral worker at Liberty Christian Ministries to Sexual Minorities 
    • 02:52:00 Alison Napier, Cindy Wong on pastoral ministry to women internationals at UNSW
    • 02:58:00 Susan An, pastoring women and children at Neutral Bay 
    • 03:02:22 Kara Hartley, Womens Ministry, Singleness, Divorce Care
    • 03:10:00 Jon Kwan, Village Church Annandale
    • 03:12:00 Greg Peisley, update on Kenneth Elliot from Burkina Fasa
  • 03:15:00 Tony Payne, Becki Lui, Liberty MinistriesVine Project, #Nexus17, EMU Music
  • 03:27:00 Extended platform discussion between Dominic Steele & Phillip Jensen,
    • 04:13:00 Backstage interview with Ivan Lee about living with Pancreatic Cancer
  • 04:25:00 Living in Exile - Platform Presentation from Sophie Norved
  • 04:34:00 Living in Exile - Platform Presentation from David Ould
  • 04:46:00 Living in Exile [Gender Studies] - Dr Claire Smith
  • Backstage interview
    • 04:56:00 Scott Sanders - Geneva Push - Church Planting Report [Apologies there were problems with the graphs here we will get this fixed up shortly]
    • 05:08:00 David Ould (reviewing discussion with Dominic/Phillip, update on Twitter)   
    • 05:12:00 Bishop Michael Stead and the Sydney Anglican Church's Response to the Same Sex Marriage Debate
    • 05:16:00 David Keun on using Introducing God in Evangelism
    • 05:22:00 Col Marshall on the Vine Project
    • 05:27:00 David Ould questions on Twitter re his platform presentation
    • 05:31:00 Tony Payne on 'The Reformation we need today' #Nexus17, Livestream for next year
    • 05:36:00 Wrap with Dominic Steele & David Ould
  • 05:38:00 Platform Presentation from Kanishka Raffel,

Video Three: 

Video three is very similar to Videos one and two.  It has the advantage of slightly better graphics (a rolling twitter feed from participants from around the country etc), but the disadvantage of dropping out at a few points due to problems with the internet.   On balance I recommend watching videos one and two instead.




Download the #Nexus16 program

A program of the day and an outline of all the talks is downloadable here.