Australia's Church Planting Pulse Check

The Geneva Pus has released the first report on how Church Planting is going in Australia outlining the good, the bad, the brilliant and the ugly (  

It helps new church planters here to have realistic expectations on what might happen under God. 

Scott Sander from Geneva caught up with Dominic Steel at #Nexus16 to go through the reports findings.

Dani Treweek on Singleness, Divorce & Sexual Minorities

Dani Treweek is doing her PhD on Singleness. Here she talks theology, ministry to singleness, divorcees and  sexual minorities with Dominic Steele at the #Nexus16, plus the growing controversy over gender dysphoria.

Dani says we don't have a positive theology of singleness and celibacy, and we need that.

The Liberty Christian Ministries Conference details are