What is Nexus? 

Nexus is an evangelical ministry conference, based in Sydney but available worldwide through a live webcast. Our vision is to draw together pastors, trainees, theology students, and other gospel workers to:  

  • refresh and stretch one another theologically,
  • apply that theology to Christian life and ministry,
  • build a partnership of fellow-workers in the Lord, and
  • do so in high-value, convenient, one-day conference.  


Where did Nexus come from? 

Nexus started its life several years ago as an in-house day conference for graduates, trainees and friends of St Paul’s Anglican Church in Carlingford, Sydney. It has since grown by invitation and word of mouth to a much larger group, and in 2014 was launched publicly for the first time. 


Where can I find out about the 2017 Nexus conference? 

Just go to our 'About' page. It has all the details about program, cost, location, and so on.


Who is behind Nexus? 

Nexus is run by a group of ministry friends who want to see the gospel of Jesus Christ grow everywhere through flourishing reformed-evangelical ministries. Our organizing committee is chaired by Tony Payne, and consists of Chris Braga, Becky Lui, Sam Law, Sarah Kanagaratnam, Adrian Russell, Carl Matthei, and Dominic Steele.