Dear friends, 

This week I am struggling a little to believe in the sovereignty of God. Our dear brother Mike Ovey has died, leaving behind a wife and three children, and a hugely significant ministry for both British and world Christianity. Why would God take him at this time, I can’t help wonder. What is God’s purpose in this? 

Mike, of course, was due to speak at our Nexus Conference in April this year, and we will miss him there, as so many will continue to miss him in the UK, and around the world. And yet Mike would be the first to remind us that God is sovereign, that our times are in his hands, and that his purpose in creation, in redemption, and in our lives will always be for the good of those who love him in Christ. 

It’s not only at times like this that we are tempted to mouth words about God’s sovereignty but struggle to believe them. This is one of the challenges that the theology of the Reformation brings to our lives and ministries. We testify that we believe in God’s sovereignty. But would the way we conduct our ministries provide enough evidence to convict us? 

This will be Adrian Russell’s theme in the opening talk of our 2017 Nexus Conference. What would it look like if we really believed in the sovereignty of God? What difference would it make to our ministries? 

(See the above video where Adrian discusses how he’s approaching the topic.)

I’m looking forward to seeing you there on April 3 at MBM Rooty Hill for Nexus 2017. 

Your brother in Christ

Tony Payne
Nexus Chairman