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Why take a day of your time to come to Nexus? 

This short video gives the main reason: because we need to keep hearing the tuning fork if we’re going to stay in tune and play the song God has given us to play. 

We all face the same constant pressure to get distracted, to lose heart, to cast about for alternatives, to be deceived, and generally to go off key. 

That’s really the main thing we’re trying to address at Nexus each year. We want the Bible teaching and input and discussion and fellowship at Nexus to keep retuning our hearts to the biblical gospel of Christ, and to show how it applies to the particular topic of theology and ministry that we’re looking at (this year it’s ‘The Reformation we need today’).  

We hope that you’ll take the time to join us — not so much to hear a new idea that will change everything, but to tighten your grip on the old idea that drives everything we do. 

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Warm regards

Tony Payne