Our aim is to bring people together to sharpen one another theologically, to share ideas and encourage each other in the ministry Jesus has given us. We are wanting to make this experience available to more people through your financial partnership. You are able to partner with us by donating towards four things we are trying to do at the moment:

  • $15 will sponsoring a theological student or trainee to attend for a reduced amount;
  • $25 will keep the website up for 2 months and help deliver online resources from the conference;
  • $75 will purchase a plane ticket for an interstate contributor;
  • $500 will stream the conference on the web and record all the material for future distribution.

All our funds are put to work to encourage clearly reformed evangelical ministry and we thank you for your partnership in this work.

Yours faithfully,
Tony Payne, Chris Braga, Carl Matthei, Gary Koo and Craig Schafer.