Ray Galea and Tony Payne talk about the reformation we need today!

What if I really believed in 'Hear I stand'

Dear friends,

A few weeks ago, I was in the USA talking with some evangelical Anglicans about ministry. These are guys who know in practice what most of us in Sydney only know in theory — that humanly speaking it can cost you everything to take your stand for Reformation doctrines like the authority of Scripture and the sufficiency of Christ. And that the bitterest enemies in that struggle often where clerical clothes and hold high denominational office. 

Ray Galea will be challenging us on this topic in the final address of the Nexus 2017 conference. Taking the spiritual battle of Ephesians 6 as his text, Ray is going to look at what it means for us to stand in the shoes of the ‘here I stand’ Reformers. Ray is one of the finest preachers God has blessed us with, and I’m looking forward enormously to what he has to say. 

I hope you are too. 

Yours in Christ