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The Nexus conference for this year has been rescheduled (God willing) for Monday, 21 September, 10am–4:30pm at Village Church, Annandale. 


The plan at this stage is to keep the theme the same (‘How to save a city’) although we may well adapt the content in light of our current circumstances (and all that transpires between now and then). 


So put the date aside. We’ll be back in touch with more details in the coming months. 


Warm regards,


The Nexus Committee

Tony Payne, Adrian Russell, Sarah Vigar, Dominic Steele, Carl Matthei, Chris Braga



How to save a city

No matter where God has placed us—in the suburbs, in the inner city, in a regional or rural area—our task is to bring the message of salvation to the people we’ve been given to serve.

At this year’s Nexus conference, we’ll be thinking about what it means to be part of God’s extraordinary saving purpose in the particular place we’ve been given to reach, how important the local church is in that purpose, and how God uses decidedly ordinary people and methods to do extraordinary things.

Our focus this year will be on how to bring salvation to our particular city (of Sydney) and the challenges we face in our gospel fellowship (that is, among Sydney ministry workers, many of us Anglicans).

But as always, we’ll be having this discussion with one eye on the broader fellowship around Australia (and beyond) who tune in to Nexus via Livestream. Our hope is that by talking honestly and theologically about our own patch, we can encourage, challenge and stimulate everyone to do the same, wherever God has placed us.

We look forward to seeing you at Nexus20.

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