It's the spirit's work

One of the biggest surprises for me as I came into contact with Reformed Evangelical teaching, from a Pentecostal background, was understanding from Scripture that it is entirely God’s Work by his Spirit in saving his people from beginning to end. It’s by his Spirit that ears hear, hearts soften and minds are unveiled, and not my eloquence, passion or clever arguments.

Yet when I look at my life, I wonder if the way I walk reflects this truth.

I remember doing a “cross-cultural worldview” assignment to meet up with a new friend at least 4 times to work through questions. For a number of reasons, I felt lead by the Spirit to ask God, if it was his will, to be able to meet with a Somali Muslim woman whose English was good enough for us to discuss spiritual things. The next day, as my plans fell through to attend an ESL class in hopes of finding a friend, I found myself standing in a line in front of a Somali Muslim woman who had been in the country for 16 years. After failing to get past the small talk to invite her to meet up before I got to the front of the line, my husband prayed and I got a second chance when she sat down next to me.

This story always reminds me of how ridiculously in control of everything God is, even when I am weak and scared and fumbling, he can use me. I’m looking forward to Nexus to be challenged and encouraged to pray more, share more, and live more in line with my convictions so that God would get all the glory. I'm particularly looking forward to hearing Andrew Barry on the role of the Spirit.

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in Christ, 


Becky Lui 

(and the rest of the the Nexus Committee: Tony Payne, Chris Braga, Sarah Kanagaratnam, Adrian Russell, 
Carl Matthei, Mike Leite and Dominic Steele.)