An evangelical ministry conference for Sydney and the world

The Nexus conference for this year has been rescheduled (God willing) for Monday, 21 September, 10am–4:30pm at Village Church, Annandale. 


The plan at this stage is to keep the theme the same (‘How to save a city’) although we may well adapt the content in light of our current circumstances (and all that transpires between now and then). 


So put the date aside. We’ll be back in touch with more details in the coming months. 


Warm regards,


The Nexus Committee

Tony Payne, Adrian Russell, Sarah Vigar, Dominic Steele, Carl Matthei, Chris Braga



How to save a city

No matter where God has placed us—in the suburbs, in the inner city, in a regional or rural area—our task is to bring the message of salvation to the people we’ve been given to serve.

At this year’s Nexus conference, we’ll be thinking about what it means to be part of God’s extraordinary saving purpose in the particular place we’ve been given to reach, how important the local church is in that purpose, and how God uses decidedly ordinary people and methods to do extraordinary things.

Our focus this year will be on how to bring salvation to our particular city (of Sydney) and the challenges we face in our gospel fellowship (that is, among Sydney ministry workers, many of us Anglicans).

But as always, we’ll be having this discussion with one eye on the broader fellowship around Australia (and beyond) who tune in to Nexus via Livestream. Our hope is that by talking honestly and theologically about our own patch, we can encourage, challenge and stimulate everyone to do the same, wherever God has placed us.

We look forward to seeing you at Nexus20.










One throne to rule them all

Carl Matthei



Afternoon tea



The glory and power of the local church

Peter Tong


Quick break



The ordinary and the extraordinary

Mike Leite






How to save a city
Phil Colgan






carl matthei

Carl serves the students at UNSW through teaching the Bible and leading the Campus Bible Study Team.

Carl is married to Jenny and together they
have 4 children who are rapidly leaving their teenage years. Carl loves cycling and growing his own food in the backyard and still finds time to have the odd heart attack!


Pete Tong is married to Katelyn and they have three children, Chloe, Lily and Sam. He works at St Andrew's Wahroonga where he enjoys being a part of a wide range of ministries for all ages and stages including preaching, evangelism, kids and youth, SRE and Night Church. Pete has formerly taught part-time at Moore College in the New Testament department.

Mike Leite

Mike loves to help people grow in their knowledge and love of Christ and is currently serving at St George North Anglican Church. He is married to Emily and together they have four children. If he gets the chance, Mike enjoys going for a surf or taking his car out for a drive.

Phil Colgan

Phil is the Senior Minister at St George North Anglican Church where he has served for 15 years. He’s married to Victoria and has three children. He loves coaching his son’s cricket team, watching sport and preaching the gospel.


Key details




  • Monday, 23rd March 2020

  • Doors are open for coffee and registration from 1:30pm

  • First presentation starts
    promptly at 2:00pm

  • Afternoon tea and dinner will be provided (vegetarian and gluten free options available).

  • Final conference talk will conclude at 8pm.

  • Cost: $75 standard ticket; $35 for students, trainees, spouses and out-of-town delegates.

  • Moore Theological College, 1 King St, Newtown.

  • Limited street parking  is available.

  • Best public transport options are: Redfern Station (10 minute walk); buses stop directly outside College.

Nexus20 will be streamed live.
We're encouraging ministry teams across the country to gather together be stimulated by the live conference and then discuss the material together.

Please register here to host a livestream site, to attend a group site, or for individual livestream registration.