'It starts with our heart' - Phil Colgan

There’s a moment when someone says ‘the emperor's got no clothes’ and we can all admit we have a problem.

For many of us on the subject of Evangelism this happened with the comments of Scottish Evangelist David Robertson last year.  Robertson said,


‘I came here [to Sydney] expecting to learn a great deal about evangelism. I have learnt about church structures, praise, organisation and leadership training—all of which is essential. But in my limited experience I’m not convinced that evangelism is a strong point amongst Sydney Anglicans (or indeed some other Christians). There is a little bit of a sense of living on past glories and seeking to maintain legacies.’


Nathan Walter made similar comments in the Australian Church Record, Phil Colgan and Craig Schafer weighed in on The Pastor’s Heart.


Phil says there’s been a movement in American Christianity where evangelism and winning the lost is just one of our missions, meaning evangelism has been pushed out of the center of our mission.

Somehow on the thing we most want to do, we are failing to make an impact. 


Nexus19 is a small attempt at a constructive response, to sharpen each other, so that Jesus might be given more glory, by more people being saved across Sydney and Australia.


We hope you can join us on 25 March at St Paul’s Carlingford, or at livestream sites across Australia.


To register for St Paul’s Carlingford, Sydney.


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Sites established so far: Albury, Darwin, Dubbo, Gunnedah, Gold Coast, Uralla, Wollongong

in Christ, 


The Nexus Committee